Getting to know your Free Trial

This article will help you understand the Free Trial version of the application better.

Purpose of the Free Trial
Restrictions in the Free Trial


The Free Trial version of the application provides the user an opportunity to explore almost all the features and functionalities of the actual application for free for a period of 15 days.

Through the Free Trial version, you can understand and keep up with the market trends, risk management strategy, different kinds of market analysis, and have a hands on experience of the other interactive sections in the application, such as creating an optimisation, fixing calendar, indicating fixings, and getting in touch with our experts.

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The following are the features that are restricted in the Free Trial that can be accessed in the premium version of the tool,

  1. Creating optimisations with the data of your contract
    In the free trial version, during the process of creating an optimisation, the contract data is automatically filled in by the application, without you being able to change it. These default data are: 
    Minimum optimisation period: Quarter
    Minimum fixing percentage: 10%.
    Delivery period: 1 year
    When you upgrade to the premium version of the tool, you can enter your own contract data.
  2. Creating multiple optimisations
    In the free trial version you can only create one dummy optimisation.
    In the premium version you can create several contract optimisations.
  3. Access to all the markets forecast
    In the free trial version, you can choose atmost 2 markets to get yourself started in the tool. However, in the premium mode, you have the option to access all the markets and their respective updates.

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