Change the optimization dates of a consumption period

How to adjust the start and end dates for the optimisation of a consumption period.

When you optimise an energy contract, you are sometimes asked to fix all or part of the contract prices before a specific date.
The application allows you to set the start and end date of the optimisation period by period. The fixing advice calendars are adapted to this optimisation period.


  1. From the 'DETAILS OF THE OPTIMISATION' page, click on the 'By consumption period' tab, then click on a period.

    Capture d’écran 2022-10-26 à 16.29.25

  2. In the 'DETAILS OF THE PERIOD' page, open the 'Settings' block, in the 'Optimisation Period' column click on 'Modify'.

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  3. In the popup, click on 'Customised' and indicate the start and end dates for the optimisation of this period.
    1. Default start date: is always the next day.
    2. Default end date: If your risk appetite is 'High' the end date is the start of delivery of the period. If your risk appetite is 'Low' or 'Moderate' the end date is 30 days before the delivery date of the period.

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