Creating a team of KAMs

Here is how you can create a team of KAMs in the platform to follow them by groups.

As a Manager, you can create a team of KAMs in the platform.
This allows you to follow their performance in terms of:
- Customer Account and Customer Access Management
- Contract Management

To add a new KAM team, follow these steps :

  1. In dashboard of your Manager account, click on 'KAM accounts' tab in the menu bar.

    image (50)

  2. In the 'KAM accounts' page, click on the 'Team management' button.

    image (51)

  3. In the 'Teams' page, click on the 'Create team' button.
    image (52)
  4. In the 'Creating a team' page, fill in the name of the team and select the KAMs you want to add to it.
  5. Click on the 'Confirm' button after you complete forming the team.

Note: a KAM can be a part of several teams.

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