Creating a customer account

The 3 steps to create a customer account are :

Accessing the process of creation of a customer account
Defining the customer
Setting up of the account


Everty customer accounts can be created from KAM accounts

OPTION 1:  From the dashboard

  1. In the Dashboard, in the section 'Monitoring of activities', click on 'Add an account' button.Capture


  1. Click on the 'Customers' tab in the menu bar.
  2. On the page 'CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS' click on the 'Add a customer account' button.
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To define the customer, follow these step:

  1. Enter the name of the 'Company' that buys the supply.

    Tip : To help you to identify a customer quickly, you can enter a 'Customer reference' (company's number in your database, its fiscal number, etc.).

  2. Enter the 'Last name', 'First name', 'Phone number', and 'Email' of the person incharge of  managing the optimisation of the supply contracts for the customer company.

    You will not be able to modify the email address later.

    Additionally, the email address serves as the login credential if you provide the company direct access to the application.

  3. Answer the question 'Is this a demo account?' :
    If you want to create a real account for the company, click No 
    If you want to create a demo account for a potential customer (or company), click Yes
    > Check  Demo and free trial for potential customer
  4. Complete the customer account by clicking on the 'Next' button.

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You can modify the parameters after the creation of the customer account at anytime.

CASE 1 : You want to filter the information that the customer can receive.

Follow these steps to implement the same : 

  1. Click on 'No' to answer the question 'Would you like to give your customer access to the application?'. 
    Now, the customer will only get the information you'll share with him but you will need to do it outside of the application.

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  2. Click on 'Create account' button to complete the process.

You can now create as many optimisations as you want for the customer.


CASE 2 : You want the customer to directly access the market analysis and the fixing advice for his contracts

Follow these steps to implement the same : 

  1. Click on Yes to answer the question 'Would you like to give your customer access to the application?'. 
    Now, both the KAM and the customer will be able to access the fixing advice calendar.

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  2. Define who will be able to edit the optimisation on the application :
    • Insert or modify the parameters of the optimisation. 
    • Enable or disable the notifications and choose who will receive them.
    • Update the status of the fixings.

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    1. If you click on 'The KAM', the functions will be disabled for the customer and they will have to call you to change a parameter.

    2. If you click on 'The customer', the functions will be disabled for the KAM and the customer will be autonomous and solely responsible for the parameters of the optimisation. Both the KAM and the customer will be able to access the fixing advice calendar.

  3. Activate the services for the customer
    • Markets available

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      Select the markets the customer will use for the optimisations and for which you want the customer to have access to the market analysis.

    • Start date / End date

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      Define the dates corresponding to the start and the end of the period for which the customer can access the forecast and fixing advice.

      1. Start date: The sooner the better.

        We recommend you to choose the start date as today for at least one market. This way the customer can have access to the forecast market as soon as the account is created. However, if the start date is set in the futures, then the customer will only have access to the application without the information.

      2. End date: We recommend you to choose the last day of the delivery of the supply, so that the customer has longer access to the market data.

        Note :

        • If you want to give a trial to the customer, set the end date to the end of the trial. 
        • If your customer is interested only in the optimisation, set the end dated to a date before the beginning of the delivery of the supply (or two months earlier for the markets where the application doesn't cover the short-term).
    • Shared forecasts

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      Select the available forecast(s) you want to share with the customer :

      1. Application forecast option : Forecasts provided by default by the application

      2. Manager forecast option :  Forecasts provided by your company

        This option is available only if your manager inserted the forecasts of your company into the application.

      3. Client forecast option : If your customer is an expert and wants to use his own forecasts for the optimisations, then this option allows the customer to insert his own forecasts in the application.

        This function is an option, you will still need to provide your customer with the application forecast or manager forecast options.

    • Number of optimisations

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      Indicate the maximum number of optimisations that can be created for the customer for a particular market. In the application, an optimisation corresponds to one fixing advice calendar. 

      Which number should you indicate if your customer has several points of delivery in his supply contract?

       One optimisation for all the points of delivery if :

      • There's only one person in charge of the optimisation and this person takes the same decisions for all.
      • The supply and national location, the start and end date of the delivery, the contractual conditions of fixing and the risk appetite for which the buyer wants to base the buying strategy are the same.

      If one of above stated elements differ between two or more points of delivery, then you will have to create two or more optimisations.

  4. Click on the 'Create account' button.

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  5. The customer should receive an email with the login credentials from 

    If the customer doesn't receive the login credentials, check the spam folder and enable the emails from to continue receiving future emails.

Henceforth, the customer or you (on the customer's behalf) can create optimisations within the defined limits.

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